Fuser Unit: Repair, Replace & Maintain for Better Printing Quality

Posted by Jackson Perry on 25th Jul 2018

Printers need regular maintenance so that you can enjoy better quality prints for a very long time and get better returns on your investment. If you are tired of fuzzy, unclear prints, smeared text, streaked text, inconsistent black lines and ghosting letters that appears on several pages, the fuser unit of the laser printer may be at fault. It can even cause unseemly wrinkles on the page.

Fuser Unit: Is it really an Important Part of the Printer?

A printer has multiple small and big parts that need to function correctly. One of them is the fuser unit assembly. A fuser unit consists of two rollers that have the responsibility of fusing or bonding the toner to the paper. It is an essential part of the printer machine because a malfunction with the fuser unit will not provide you with good printing results.

As the toner ‘ink’ is in powder form, you need a heating element as well as a pressure component to melt and transfer it efficiently on the paper surface. The upper fuser roller applies heat to the toner with an internal discharge lamp. At the same time, the lower pressure roller applies enough pressure to create desired texts and images on the page. Both the rollers are coated with Teflon-like plastic substance so that the paper doesn’t stick to the rollers while passing through it.

What causes Damage to the Fuser Unit?

The number of pages that can be printed depends on the kind of fuser unit installed in the printer. You can get anywhere between 60,000 to 200,000 prints. It is essential that you read the manual to be sure. But, sometimes, you may not have printed the prescribed number of pages and still face an issue with the printing quality.

It can be due to regular wear and tear. Another reason can be the heating issue. If the fuser unit overheats or doesn’t heat at all, it can give you bad printing results. Sometimes, power fluctuations can also damage the fuser unit. So, make sure that you use the printer in optimum conditions only.

The main reason behind replacing fuser rollers regularly is the toner residue. Dust particles of toner accumulate inside the printer. And, if the dust passes through the fuser unit, it may damage the delicate surface of the rollers and affect its working.

How can you repair the Fuser Unit Assembly?

If you have an advanced printer, it will notify you to change the fuser unit assembly. Once you realize that the you need to repair it, don’t go on a shopping spree. First, check whether you have a printer maintenance kit. It usually includes the upper fuser rollers and pressure rollers.

If you do not have the fuser unit assembly with you, it is best to shop online. Search a reliable online printer parts store to help you make the purchase. Find someone who has a wide range of OEM, genuine as well as compatible fuser rollers & pressure rollers. If the unit in your printer uses a fuser film sleeve for extra protection of paper and even heat transfer, make sure that you order it with the fuser roller.

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