How to keep your Printer in Top Shape?

Posted by Jackson Perry on 19th May 2018

A printer is an essential element of every office. You don’t want your employees to run down to the library or the local internet café to get copies every now and then. It can be detrimental to office productivity. So, it becomes essential to buy a quality printer and maintain it.

Essential Printer Maintenance Tips

Keeping the printer in top-shape is a necessity because you do not want the printer to give out fuzzy prints in times of urgency. Here are a few printer maintenance tips to get you started:

  • Location, Location, Location…

An organized and highly productive office has place for everything. If you want to ensure optimal performance from the printer, you need to place it correctly. Avoid places with high heat and humidity. Keep the printer away from harsh sunlight and moist climate. It will increase the life of the printer. Another important thing to keep in check is the alignment of the printer.

  • Cleanliness is Crucial

It is essential to clean the printer and keep it away from dirt and dust. If you are not going to use the printer, simply cover it. Follow the same rule when the office is closed. Another way to clean the printer is to use a printer maintenance kit which includes paper pickup rollers, transfer rollers, fuser assembly among other things.

  • Clean Printer Heads

With thorough cleaning, you will be able to avoid blockages in printing nozzles. If you use the printer regularly, opt for a monthly cleaning of the printer heads. Do not forget to remove the cartridge for a thorough cleaning session. Allow the print head to dry otherwise it can malfunction putting your printing needs in jeopardy.

  • Keep a Check on Cartridges

If you keep on using the cartridges without ink, you will soon be needing a new printer. It is because dry cartridge causes unnecessary wear and tear. Whether you are using an ink-jet printer or a laser printer, ink cartridges and toner cartridges are a necessity for both.

  • Replace the Right Way

Most printers notify you when the level of cartridges falls down. But, it doesn’t mean you should buy any type of cartridges. Do not compromise on the quality. If you want to stay away from genuine cartridges because of the cost, use high-quality generic ones that do not harm your printer. For example, if you need superior 4-pack refillable ink cartridge for Brother printer LC38 , research well before making a decision.

  • Update the Driver

Manufacturers release new updates so that your printers work in top condition. Updating the driver is the perfect way of ensuring superior functioning of your printer. If you avoid updating the driver, hardware malfunctions can become quite common for you. So, check the manufacturer’s website on a regular basis to keep your printer updated.

Dealing with the Printer: Proper Handling is the Key

When it comes to your printer, delicate handling is essential. To increase its life, you must avoid wrenching the paper out. Do not keep it dirty. Be gentle with the printer. Invest in quality printer maintenance kit, buy the right consumables and keep spare printer parts with you. It is the best way to ensure great printing quality for a very long time.

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Happy Printing!