Smart Ways of increasing the Life of Ink Cartridges and Saving Money

Posted by Jackson Perry on 22nd Jun 2018

The concept of paperless workplaces has been around for a while. But, its acceptance ratio is not significant. Offices and home still use printers because paper is more convenient to use and it is still a great marketing tool. Offices love printers however, you can quickly go over several ink cartridges in a month if you do not keep tabs on it. Ink cartridges are expensive and if you have been using a lot of them for your home or office, it may cost you a fortune. Even if you are opting for a reliable and affordable printer accessories supplier, it doesn’t make sense to waste money on inkjet cartridges when you can make them last longer.

Learn Hacks to reduce Wastage of Ink Cartridges

Whenever you are tempted to hit the print button, hold back. If a digital record will serve your purpose, use a flash drive or opt for Google drive and Amazon drive when you have access to internet connection. But, when it is necessary to print a few pages for work, you cannot avoid it. So, how to reduce your printing cost? Learn a few hacks to reduce your printing expenditure.

  • Before you hit the Print Button

Decide the necessity of text and graphic. There are many websites such as that will help you to remove unnecessary ads and photos while getting printout of a web page. Avoid using large fonts and thick text to extend the life of your cartridges.

You should also make use of the “print preview” option to avoid reprints. It will help you to adjust spaces and allow you to proofread before getting a printout. Also, do not forget to use spellcheck for an error-free document.

  • Did you check the Printer Setting?

Printing companies want you to have clear, crisp prints every time you press the print button. But, sometimes, you do not need printouts to show it to clients. If you are okay with a lesser quality print and do not have to present it to customers or investors, opt for “draft” mode. You will be able to save a lot of ink by using the draft version of printer settings.

You can even opt for printing multiples pages per sheet and save money when you are printing notes for a presentation. Another way to save unnecessary use of color cartridges is by choosing the “grayscale” option.

  • Don’t change the Cartridge because of Out-of-Ink Warnings

Are you someone who replaces the ink cartridge as soon as your printer gives you a warning? By ignoring the warning, you will be saving several dollars.

According to a report by, ink cartridges contain 8 to 45 percent of ink after the first out-of-ink warning. In some old printers, you won’t be allowed to print after out-of-ink alerts. But, if you have a new printer, you can ignore the first couple of warnings and continue to use the printer for printing more pages. Instead of reacting to the alerts, look for other tell-tale signs such as light prints, banded prints, missing colors, blurry prints, etc.

  • Clean the Printhead and Remove the Clogs

When you start getting streaky or banded printing results, empty cartridges are not the only culprits. It is possible that the printhead requires cleaning. If your office has been closed for several days and you have not been using the printer for a long time, the printhead may get severely clogged up. So, if you are returning to work after a long hiatus, it is advisable to clean the printhead and remove the clogs.

By cleaning the printhead, you will be able to clear the dried ink and continue using the ink cartridges without any tension.

  • Switching off the Printer often

You may believe that you are saving electricity and reducing cost by shutting off printer every time you use it. But, it is causing more harm than good. In a day’s work, you may need to use a printer several times and if you shut it after every printout, you will dry the ink cartridges early. When the printer is switched on, a small amount of ink is released and if this happens regularly, you know the result.

There are people who believe in removing the power supply to the printer. It is okay to do so if you are not going to use the printer for several days. But, if you use printer regularly, do not remove the plug immediately after printing a document. Ink may get clogged in the printer and give you undesirable printing results.

Buy only the Best Ink Cartridges

It is essential that you prevent unnecessary wastage of ink. But, it is also important that you make a quality purchase in the first place. By choosing a reliable printer supplier, you will be able to obtain high-performance ink cartridges that do not dry quickly and run for a very long time.

So, choose wisely and take preventative steps to avoid wasteful consumption of ink cartridges.

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