Clear Prints Every Time: Get rid of Common Printing Quality Problems

Posted by Jackson Perry on 29th Jun 2018

Printers have become a staple in everyday office life. You may think that since printers are so essential for work, offices would have understood how they work and prevent fuzzy prints, ink smears, horizontal lines and more. Sadly, almost every office in the country faces printer troubles. But, it is not necessary to replace the printer or call a technician to fix the problem.

Common Printing Issues that you can Solve on your Own!

Is the printing quality not up to the mark? Are you tired of faded prints? Are you unable to get a specific color on the paper? Well, all these problems can be solved easily. Let’s understand what common printing issues you face every day and how you can solve them without spending money on a new printer.

1. Strange Characters; Missing Text

If the prints are coming out with strange characters or improper formatting, the printer driver may be at fault here. You need to update it which will then convert the image or text into a language that your printer understands easily.

And, if the problem is related to missing character, text or a specific color, ink may have clogged in the printhead and you may need to run a cleaning program on the printhead. Even low levels of ink can cause the problem which means it is time for a replacement.

2. Fuzzy Prints

Printer-owners want to increase the life of ink cartridges and they often ignore the low-ink warning (which is not really a bad thing to do). Many times, ink cartridges contain up to 45% ink when the printer first alerts you about low levels. But, when the prints are fuzzy or the text appears faded, it usually means one thing: The ink is about to get over.

But before replacing the cartridges right away, check for the paper. A damp paper can also cause the problem. Also, check the printer settings. Is it on ‘Eco-Mode’ or is it set to low density? If yes, switch on the normal mode. Only replace the ink when the problem still persists.

3. Smeared Prints

The problem can be caused by several different reasons and you need to check whether you are committing mistakes such as not matching the paper quality and paper setting of the printer, keeping the printhead clogged, broken fuser assembly, using sub-standard ink or toner and more. Sometimes, cleaning the inside of the machine also helps to remove clogged ink and solve the problem.

4. Horizontal Stripes and Banding Issue

There are multiple reasons why horizontal banding or light/dark horizontal stripes occur. It can be due to nozzle clogs. The clogs are common when the printer has been inactive printer for a while, the printer is dusty or the printhead is not working to its optimum level. So, clean the nozzles and run a cleaning program on the printhead. Another reasons include misalignment of printheads, low-quality print settings, and improper paper settings as well.

5. The Issue of ‘Ghosting’

‘Ghosting’ occurs when slightly lighter images of previous prints are still visible in current pages. It is a common issue in toner cartridges that makes the new printouts look dirty. Usually, the main cause of ghosting is a faulty imaging drum unit or the fuser unit. But before you make a purchase, check the humidity conditions. Humidity can cause improper distribution of toner. Also, if you have used thick paper before, it can become a reason for ghosting. Run a cleaning cycle to remove excess toner.

6. Overall Bad Printing Quality

If you not happy with the printing results, you may be opting for unreliable third-party ink. There is nothing wrong in thinking about cost when it comes to ink and toner. Let’s face it: Ink is expensive. Whether you are opting for compatible ink cartridge or genuine toner cartridge, do not buy ink from anyone and everyone. Choose a reliable printer equipment store online or otherwise, seek reviews and then make a purchase. It will help you to enjoy overall better printing quality.

A Well-Maintained Printer can deliver Great Prints

Buying an expensive inkjet printer or laser printer doesn’t mean it won’t give you any printing problems. If you do not take care of the printer and understand the reason behind reduction in printing quality, your problem will not be solved. Also, purchasing printer parts without thinking of each and every solution is a waste of money. So, make sure that whenever you are dealing with a printing issue, consider the reasons and take necessary steps to maintain the quality of the printer.

Remember a well-maintained printer means stunning printing results for a very long time.

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